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You’ve been asking for it, so here it is now!

I never was into wishlist thing, but since there were many of you asking to go out shopping for me, I made it.

I still prefer you handling me your cash and Me going out to shop, but lets try to see what happens if I do satisfy this little caprice of yours, lil slaves.

Enjoy it!

If you something nice and it’s not on the list , hit me up. Might think about it!

Ask me about last pairs of shoes posted, someone was asking for them.

What am I into?

Trashing your manhood it’s my main speciality. Even if it all started with nylon foot fetish, I was tempeted always to try a bit more. I would like to think that there are still things that I don’t know yet, but…I am pretty sure there are not too many.

It is said that one picture makes more then 100 words, so….lets see what happens back of the courtain!

Sissy maid


Ass training
Ass training
Pain slut
Small cock hum


capture-20160818-001935 capture-20160929-021412 capture-20160818-025311

Financial Domination
Financial Domination
Fin Dom
Fin Dom

And here are some of my slaves thoughts

untitled11 untitled5capture-20160815-081828 capture-20160815-081701 capture-20160815-081538It will continue, but for now it is enough…I will add some more when I am gonna be moody to “celebrate” my phone pics as well!

Until then, even if you did not see your fetish in my pics, don’t be shy to ask me about it.

Well worn nylons for you

Become a member and take advantage of what I am offering to you: the chance to own my worn stuffs!


You always throb of the idea of smoothering yourself with my scented nylons. Now you can do it!

Hit me up and ask for what you crave: stockings, tights, panties, socks or shoes, it’s up to you!


Of corse, you will receive a short set with me while wearing them!


Work in progress…Nylons- never end addiction!

Few days ago I did it again! Posted another order for some nylons.

Nylon stockings

Pantyhoses, stockings, nylon stockings…some basic pairs to my collection.

I know I did not really need them, but aren’t them so sexy looking? You may not like the packages, but when it comes about my long legs wrapped in them?

Already worn tonight live on cam some shiny nude tights and they look amazing layered. I can’t stop trying everything around!

And no, don’t call me shopaholic!


And I know that you, nylon addicted one, are burning to find out how nice they look, how perfect they smell and how smooth they feel when you kiss my nylon feet!

You deserve that, you’ve been paying for them!