First time into my nylon world or already an addicted one?

Courious to know more about your Nylon Queen?

Nylon stockings

Anya- or GlamyAnya – as some of you already know me, is one of the real internet queens.  How did all this started? From my burning desire to live my dream! My fetish dream.
I was a lover of high-heels shoes and nylons long before I know what sexuality is. Always fascinated by those burlesque divas, by the way their body was glistening in their stockings and mesmerising while looking at those “fuck me” shoes that they were all wearing.
From here all is a story. My body was perfect for a model job, I was an 176 cm skinny teenager so many models agencies were courting. I accepted few proposals, but I did not get the satisfaction that I wanted.
Obsessed by fetish more then ever, excited to enjoy the nylon world and to share my experiences with others I started to work as a camgirl. I was expecting to have the chance to explore my fantasies,to see how deep I can go in this and I get more then I was ever expecting.
Being myself under the spell of soft-core domination, in no time, without even knowing, I get the power. That fascinating power that gives you chills on your spine when you see my slow-sensual movements, that angelic-devilish smile that makes you feel weaken, my voluptuary red lips that are taming your wishes.
You feel that you need to respect my one rule: gratify my feminine desires!
Discover me as I am: lascivious, powerful, ready to throw you so deep in your addiction for me, for my endless legs covered in silky exclusivist nylons, for those sexy designer shoes that are dangling on the tip of my long toes, offering you a peak at my perfect slim feet.
Enjoy the treat that every single weak for feet guy dreams at!

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