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If you did miss it, here you can read the full content of one of my online interviews

“As an experienced model, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned over time?
I cannot consider myself very experienced. I became a cam model less than two years ago, but I’ve been forced to learn things very fast. The competition in the field is huge. New models appear every day. The studios already have the know-how and they are training the models, so for an independent model, the beginning can be slow.

GlamyAnyaFirst, you need to have a good PC and a powerful internet connection, a high-definition webcam and a nice room, some outfits to make you feel good, and patience to stay online as much as possible. I did not have any of those when I started. I just knew that I want to show myself off and I started with what I had.

Even though from outside it seems to be very easy, being a cam model is not just start the PC, start the webcam, and the money will come. You have to do many things: You are the scenographer, the scene director, the makeup artist and the actor at the same time, and at the beginning you will invest all that you have so you can make yourself known. Like in any other business, you first invest — money, time, feelings — and after that you start earning.

You know, what looks to be an overnight success is, in fact, the result of months of hard work. It’s not easy, but nothing I have done before can compete with the satisfaction that I feel while camming.

How does social media factor into your work and presence online? Regardless whether it’s your favorite, what’s the most work-useful social media platform you’ve come across?
I started my social media activity by making a Twitter account. I did not consider it as being part of my work; instead, I found it funny and attractive. It helped me to open new communication channels and to meet even more people that are sharing my interests.

And I started to post pictures daily, to have the chance to talk with guys that share the same passion for nylons, high heels shoes, and lingerie was very exciting. Soon after that I realized how important it is for me, as a webcam model, to be close to my guys; to give them the chance to peak even deeper into my world and to know me better.

Also, my presence on the social media scene did put me in touch with many persons from the adult industry and was the start for some new projects for me. So, if you ask me, I only had benefits after starting my Twitter account and now it is an important part of my work.

GlamyAnyaDo you specialize in any type of content?
I consider myself a fetish model. I did not intend to enter this niche, but it seems that my passion for nylons, high heel shoes, and lingerie pushed me in. Since forever I was in love with the burlesque style and, over time, I have added pieces from it to my own personality, building my own style. That’s how I became a softcore domina specialized in foot worship, nylon and high heel fetish, tease and denial, financial domination and some other ones in this sphere.

How do you prepare for a camming session?
I wake up, press the power button and get online! Haha! No, that’s not true. I do enjoy each moment online and before going online.

I like to drink a cup of coffee in front of the mirror — yeah, I admit I’m a bit narcissistic — while I’m doing my makeup. I love to have a perfect look, so I pay a lot of attention to each detail. I’m always thinking about what outfit and what pair of shoes I am going to wear so it will be all matching. This time helps me a lot to relax my mind and gets me in the mood for camming.

Sometimes a bubble bath, other times a fast shower or a glass of wine are my recipe for a great time online. Oh, I did not say about the dark outside. It’s a must for me. I can’t get in touch with my “cam mood” until it’s night. Vampirella only comes out in the night!

If you weren’t a cam model, what would you be doing?
Camming! Well, I don’t really think there can be another job that can offer me so many opportunities and challenges, so much fun and pleasure and at the same time to assure my living. Since I started this job I saw myself in the spotlights, and I don’t want to quit too soon.”

Or here : http://www.ynotcam.com/2016/09/22/model-behavior-glamyanya/

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