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Living as a live camgirl

Hated or loved, camgirls (as pornstars as well) are very intriguing from outsiders. Different from lawyers, doctors, teachers and many others this become a lifestyle. In our days, you are not a camgirl just in front of the camera. You live like this, it is in every cm of your body and “poisons” you. Let’s take a look and peak into this world of kinks. How does it feels for me, how do I deal with it, how it is to live in this?

nylon stockings

Since I am in this domain i only saw two reactions when I did answer this question. I am not afraid to say it loud, to admit what I do and what I am, but I saw people being either amazed, either disgusted.

When I see a  “WOW” face I am always so delighted to ask them details: do you know what it is about, you ever try this experiences, do you know personally anyone in this field? Each one has it’s own reasons, some know it from inside and obviously the majority is a consumer of this.

What about the one for which this domain is loathsome? And no, don’t think that only the ladies have this prejudices. At least them can be, until one point, understand… they can feel their ego hurt or consider they were cheated if their man needs some time with a camgirl. But there are guys who are labeling you as a whore, stupid, unable to get a real job. This post is not made to convince them that they are not right! I respect each one opinion as long as that does not affect me, personally.

But how is this in fact? What people know about it?

Doesn’t matter on what side they are, they all know that there are lots of easy gained money. Is it true or not? What happens backside of the curtain in fact?

You apply a make-up, turn the pc on, start streaming and money drop into your bank account! False!

Even if it looks like to be an over night success, to become a good rated model costs you lot of work.

I will talk from the perspective of an independent model, who is doing it  all by herself.

First you need all the tech to be done correctly. Powerful internet connection, performant pc and cam, the lightning system, the mic and the audio system as well. This means know-how. That you don’t really have and there are only few professionals to help you with. Never though at this while you entered into a live room of a model? Think twice and compare her live image with the one that your webcam provides.

Second: the model profile. It is, finally, our business card and our cv. But ever imagined how many hours of work those 100-200-500 pictures hide? Let me tell you… booking.com becomes your best friend and you will spend hours and hours looking around to find a nice, cozy, large space and not too used by the others in domain location. If you are not lucky to have a good photographer who can be your company (LOL) you need to find a local one and this means a big pain in the ass. But I will not talk about this, since I have a friend photographer. You usually travel by car, because with 4-5 huge bags is not comfortable to fly. Here it comes…a day, or two, or three when you will spend around 14-15 hours with makeup, posing, making videos, refreshing makeup, changeing hair, and repeat them all. You sleep 5 hours and it all starts again. In rain, because pics in the rain are wonderful, in snow, because we all know how arousing it is to see a woman in lingerie in snow or in public squares as well, fighting with the curiosity of viewers. And yes, you do this many times on year, because you need to be promoted, to be listed up on the page and when you fight with another 1000-1500 camgirls on the site where you work, thousands on other sites and millions of free porn it is easy as hell to make money.

Third: the social media. For me as a cam girl, social media is like advertisment, kind of publicity. Making myself known, having my site, staying in touch with your guys, answering their message and keeping  in touch with people in industry is job related. Lucky me, i would say!

Finally, you need to appear online, 7-8-9 hours daily. No free weekend usually, because then it’s the time when guys are free from work. Gain attention of viewers and transform them into spenders. Taking care of their desires, listening of their wishes when they are not gonna spend hours to explain and, finally, making their dreams come true. Pushing yourself through the screen and offer him pleasure. Yes, I am doing fetish but this does not mean that I only do my show as I like, not considering my guys opinion. If you ask me, fetish is a huge challenge! In two years I have not done twice the same “show” and this is because they are mixing. Foot fetish and financial domination, small cock humiliation and cuckold, joi and cei and each one has so many other categories that I think I can fill up pages and pages talking about that. I am looking around and see that this fetish area is more and more used by camgirls and I can’t wonder why girls who are using a nickname that contains “squirt”, “shy”, Xlovescock”, “Ywantsdick” try to do it. You are suppose to enjoy your time online and not sure everyone does it. But I will extend this some other time.


Getting back to our thing, isn’t that true that this online “whores” are gaining those money so easy? 🙂

But still, considering the fact that you, as a camgirl, need to deal with all this, starting from human prejudices until all the other things, why am I still doing it?

The answer it’s easy and it is inside me. Because I was born for it. Long before I knew what sexuality is I was staring and drooling in front of TV, magazines, sexy calendars and dream to be one of those girls. I need to thank the inventor of livecam sites for offering me the chance to do it! And also thank you, guys, for putting your hand…well, literally (LOL) on this!