I’m late, always late!

No, I am not excusing myself in front of you, the title was just a note for myself!

I know you’ve been missing me and I did miss being in front of you! Yet, I had such a great time in my work trip!

Too bad I could not post anything in real time, but the internet was awful. Next time I will just buy a local prepay thing for the phone and use it’s internet. Again a note to myself!

Budapest was just amazing! Let me spechless, even if I saw it years ago. Prague…what a great shopping experience! I just melt your cash on Parizska street and in Agent Provocateur store!

Wanna take a ride with me?

Shopping Agent Provocateur



This was the first day of shopping in Prague!

Louboutin shoes
Dangling in Loubs

Nylon stockingsThe old car that I rent to see the Old town was mindblowing. The driver was awesome guide and put my ego to climax while he was peaking in the mirror to see me! Catch ya, boy!

red carpet Ynot AwardsYnot awards was a very nice time and a great dinner! That’s your diva posing for 5 photographers at the same!


fish pedicure

copy20160922_153938copy20160922_160818This was the last day in Prague! Spoiling myself with shopping and then a great foot massage! You dream to be your hands on them silky sore feet, aren’t you?

copy20160923_20362520160923_202833Broke your neck to see me better! LMAO! Long story short during this week I made 2 very good businesses, cause this is why a model goes to those summits and we do also business, not just fun! And also some great photoshoots to keep you droolingin front of the screen! Eyes on, guys! Don’t miss them!

Came back exhausted but so so happy! I did enjoy all those experiences at max level, but now I am so good to be back in business, online…where I do feel comfy!

Hope not to miss too much this month…even though at the end of the month I have already scheudled a three days swinger party! *droolingslave*

So that’s how my days fly away…in case that you were wondering why I didn’t post anything! But now I am online again! On every european night!


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